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3D Animations

We produce mode of action medical animation videos for the Pharma and Healthcare industries. We focus on scientifically accurate content. Our animations leads to greater awareness and adoption of our clients’ products as well as helping biotech and researchers to communicate new findings in drug discovery.


Film and film combined with animations for educational usage or marketing purposes can be produced in all language. We work closely with our clients team of medical advisors and product managers to work on the highest level of scientific and educationally outcome.


Web portals for clinical studies or therapeutical  web design for patients is often made without patient driven design. At Lysis media we use patient focus groups and interact closely with our clients to create state of the art modern functionality. Many medical home pages is unfortunately not responsive and intuitive on all portals. Using Lysis media we combine PDD with amazing web design for all electronic platforms.  

Medical pictures 

We produce artistic pictures showing what is not possible to see with any known method. Our pictures is based upon medical and biological research using all known methods to reveal the true beauty of the unseen biology.  

Marketing material

Patient focus, market focus, global or local focus - you just place the bar and we will do the jumping.